What is Shmira?

Shmira is a Hebrew word that means to guard.  In this context, it represents guarding the body.

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What is Tahara?

Tahara is the hebrew word that  means ritual washing.  It is the process of first washing, and cleansing the physical body of the deceased, then to pour water over them as a process for spiritual cleansing.

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What Is Shivah?

Shivah means seven in Hebrew.  When someone   is mourning the loss of a parent, child, spouse, or sibling, they generally stay at home for a period of seven days to mourn their loss.

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Since 1993

Chevrah Kadisha

Chevrah Kadisha is the Hebrew translation of Holy Society.  It is an organization of people who help others in making end of life decisions and taking care of people when they die.  They are a group of people who are trained to help support their community by helping people work through the challenges of the dying process, and preparing of the physical body for burial, and to support those who are mourning the loss of their loved one.

One of the fundamental reasons for helping people who are sick, dying, and preparing them for burial is to offer a service to them out of simple kindness.  Helping someone in a challenging situation without expecting anything in return is the truest act of kindness.

The Chevrah Kadisha provides a safe place to talk about all the issues that surround death and the dying process.  We don’t provide legal help, but can help you find people who are in your location that can better assist with legal issues.