Our Approach

The emphasis of what we are doing is to bring honor, integrity, and respect to the many aspect of the end of life. The goal is to help the death and dying process to be one that brings respect and peace to ones end of life. We also want to be able to bring a spiritual comfort to those who seek it.

Our Story

Our story begins with myself, Theresa.  Back in the early 1990's, when I was living in California, I was taking care of my husband's grandmother who fell and broke her hip.  I found a passion within myself of wanting to help people who are sick, or injured, and needed help.  From that time, I acquired my license to be a CNA, which means a Certified Nurse Assistant and began taking care of people who were on hospice, that were dying. I have many years of experience within the hospice field, working with those that are dying.  Those years have taught me of the many intricate workings of family dynamics.  Some families were beautiful and I learned how to love and support them.  Some were more challenging, and I learned how to love and support them.

When I moved to Texas, I became more intrigued with wanting to learn more about what happens to someone after they die.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for people through many challenging times as they draw near the end of their life, and even have had the blessing of praying with them as they drew their last breath.

I have always felt a void was there in the gap of time when someone passes away. Who is caring for them? How are they being  treated? What is the process that happens between death and burial? Are those that are caring for their final needs compassionate and loving?

Those questions have led me to learn about the Chevrah Kadisha. What I have learned is a protocol of taking care of a loved one who has died with the utmost of love and respect that I have encountered.  I realized it was the way that people used to be cared for before the funeral homes came into existence.

I want to assist others in starting their own community of compassionate people who attend to the many needs that surround the death of someone within their community.

Death is not to be feared, but to be acknowledged as a fundamental part of the natural process of life.  As challenging as it can be, there is always the possibility to bring in peace to the circumstances.

Meet the Founder

Theresa has a passion to want to help others to learn how to care for their own loved ones within their communities before and after someone dies.  She has recently received her certificate as a Death Doula which broadened her knowledge on how to help families in more ways.

Her style of teaching comes from years of experience caring for others in the dying process.

She wants to encourage communities to start helping each other in the areas of suppoort, kindness, compassion, and hospitality when a death happens within their community.


Theresa Bates