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There has been so much happening in our world these past few years. Who would have ever thought we would be walking through the challenges we are now facing? Only a select few.

I look around and I am deeply saddened with the many changes that are facing us as individuals, families, communities, a nation, and the world. The levels of chaos, health concerns, natural disasters, and violence has been escalated to new levels. Trying to keep up with current events is much more challenging then ever.

I can see the changes and upheaval and it grieves my heart. No matter what faith, nationality, country, or community you live in, people are hurting. People are trying to adapt to the environment around them. It isn’t easy to walk through these times.

Unfortunately, there are many who are dying in these times due to a variety of reasons. Some are expected, and some are not. What I am yearning to teach is how we, as a body of believers in Messiah, can bring peace and light to a world that needs help. When a death occurs, especially if it is unexpected, having systems in place to lead others on what to do and where can bring peace and purpose to these challenges. One of the hardest things to work through when a death occurs is not knowing what to do or who to call. I want to teach others to learn how to help their community walk through these challenges and help bring a sense of stability, calmness, honor, trust, kindness, and service. It is hard walking through some of the things we are, but if we know what to do, we have greater ability to help others.

Lets come together and learn how to help others in their greatest time of need. At one point, we will all be there.


I have worked in the hospice field as a care-giver for 15 years. I have been drawn to help offer support for people who are dying or their loved ones after a death has occurred.

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  1. Theresa Bates

    Thank you for your willingness to step in and help others that are near the end of life. May the Father bless you in all you do

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